Weeks Estimating Services, LLC

Commercial Painting Consultant

Licensed and Bonded

Affordable Estimating Solution.

Bid lower, win more projects and increase your company's profit by carrying less overhead expenses.


Pricing for estimating services vary depending on a number of factors such as;

  • The size and scope of the project.
  • Lead time.
  • How detailed you would like the quantity take-offs broken down (per substrate, per room, etc...).
  • If you would like to receive a screen shot of drawings where take-offs have been performed.

hen providing an estimate or quantity take-off, project information will be reviewed and cost for services will be provided at the outset.

Payment For Services

For new clients, an initial deposit is required prior to commencement of services.  Upon completion, an invoice will be billed and due upon receipt.  For established clients, deposit will not be required and invoices will be billed on a weekly basis and due upon receipt.

Payments Made Easy

For your convenience cash, money orders, checks and most major credit cards are accepted.